JTec products improve the performance of the world's most respected cameras by allowing:

  • secure tripod mounting and dismounting
  • mounting flexibility
  • easier and finer image framing

Universal L Bracket



How did JTec improve
on the Micro-Fast®

Compact Universal L-Bracket?

The Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket mounts the camera to a tripod safely and securely. This means we increased the high resolution capabilities of your camera for panoramic landscapes, timed exposures and carefully posed portraits!

Machined grooves align & allow for a firm bite.

The Microfine Grip on the underside of our Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket that ensures a safe AND snug fit. This feature is CRITICAL to holding our L-Bracket firmly against your camera body.
      JTec's Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket is made from 6061 aluminum billet and machined to fit snugly against the camera body. Our patented design ensures there is no movement between the plate and the camera body. The raw aluminum is bead blasted and tumble deburred after machining, cleaned, and then anodized in black to match your camera.

Why should you invest in JTec's L-Bracket quickrelease system?

Because screwing your camera or lens onto a platform with a standard "-20 screw is tedious and insecure. Not only is it a hassle to screw your gear onto that platform, but once installed the camera or lens is free to rotate; there's nothing to prevent it from coming loose.
      Why invest your money in a tripod and tripod head only to compromise your shots with an insecure connection between camera and head? Instead, use a quality tripod head with a quick release plate.
      A quick-release system has two parts: a quick-release clamp and our Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket. You always need both pieces of this system. The clamp will stay on your tripod head all the time, and JTec's Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket will stay on your camera all the time.
      You will need to purchase a separate quick-release plate for each camera or collared telephoto lens that you want to mount in the quick-release clamp on your tripod head. Our Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket is based on the Arca-Swiss standard. The Arca-Swiss standard is a quick-release system that was developed by the Arca-Swiss company.



Micro-Fast® Compact Universal L-Bracket Tripod Mount
for serious compact cameras

Our Compact Universal L-Bracket was our first MicroFast(tm) based product, and is still the most versatile. It fits most mirrorless system cameras, small DSLR's, and large compacts like the Canon G series. Only weighs 2oz. (58gms). The bottom opening extends from 3/4" (19mm) to 2-1/2" (64mm) from the left side of the camera (as viewed from the rear).

L-Bracket Tripod Mount

Micro-Fast® adapts to almost any major camera brand including:

   • Olympus XZ-1

   • Canon G12

   • Nikon P7000

   • Panasonic LX-5

   • Leica D-Lux 5

      ... and many more!

Each day, we learn about other cameras that seemlessly integrate with JTec's Micro-Fast Universal L-Bracket.

Check back daily for up-to-the-minute information regarding your brand of camera.

  • Our Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket
    is designed to fit any standard
    Arca-Swiss style tripod head

  • Machined out of solid 6061 aluminum billet

  • Versions to fit the Olympus XZ-1, Canon G12,
    Nikon P7000, Panasonic LX-5
    Leica D-Lux 5 and many more!

  • Anodized black to match the camera color

  • Compatible with Arca-Swiss style tripod heads

  • Conveniently allows for your camera strap

  • Compact, adds little weight or bulk to your camera

  • Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket allows tripod mounting
    in both landscape and portrait position(s)

  • Tripod mounting eliminates shake for detailed landscapes or architectural shots

A JTec Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket expands the utility of any camera by allowing the photographer to

1) Mount his/her camera to a tripod quickly
2) Mount his/her camera to the tripod in either landscape or portrait orientations

JTec's Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket allows your camera the flexibility of mounting in both the landscape mode for wide panoramas ... and in portrait mode, for portraits, or for panoramas made with an emphasis on height rather than width. Mounting the camera to a tripod is important because it eliminates movement of the camera caused by the inherent unsteadiness of holding a camera and pressing the shutter. In-camera stabilization helps eliminate much of this problem, but mounting your camera on a tripod resolves the issue quickly and completely.

Quickly release, turn, and remount your camera for either a horizontal or vertical shot?no more flipping your tripod head on its side or upsetting your shooting position. JTec's Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket works especially well when you're using shorter macro, wide-angle, and tilt-shift lenses.

You can change format from landscape to portrait and keep all of the bearing weight directly on top of the tripod, instead of needing to go in to a drop notch as you do with a "conventional plate." This allows the tripod to absorb vibration more efficiently. It saves you the composition time as well. Whenever you go into a drop notch you then have to scoot and raise the tripod to get the rig back into position. With the L-Bracket, the camera stays right in place, saving the time needed for readjustment. Finally, it's quick! Once you're familiar with the gear you can change from landscape to portrait without losing precious time!

JTec's precision machined
Micro-Fast® Compact Universal L-Bracket
camera accessory
allows you to focus on your creativity,
not on your equipment

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All components are
designed, manufactured &
machined at JTec's facility

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