Where can I buy Viewfinders?

We get asked regularly about where to buy viewfinders.  Although both Leica and Zeiss make viewfinders, the best selection and most economical option is to purchase Voightlander viewfinders.  Made in Japan by Cosina, the have very good optical quality and won’t break the bank.  In the US they can be purchased from The Photo Village in NY, or Cameraquest in California.  Both are great dealers and provide excellent service.

Sony RX-1 Madness this Week!

Sony is having a big West Coast shootogether for their latest cameras, including the RX-1.  Steve Huff has extensive coverage of his experience with the camera, as well as first impressions of the NEX-6 and the A99.

Imaging Resource has coverage as well.

Speaking of the A99, Michael Reichmann has published one of his cogent Field Test Reports on this capable new Sony camera.

In the next week I hope to have some impressions of the Sigma DP-2 Merrill after using it over the past fortnight.

The Sigma 30mm 2.8 for Sony NEX Cameras

I’ve been using the Sigma 30mm 2.8 for a couple of months now, and have found the quality to be excellent.  But no one is better than Steve Huff for drumming up excitement about a product!  Read his review of Sigma’s inexpensive normal lens for Sony APS-C CSC’s here.

The Leica M Review Worth Reading

Leica introduced a new M series camera at Photokina called, well, the “M”.  For the first time an M digital will use a CMOS sensor, and will be able to take movies, utilize a liveview function, and have an optional electronic viewfinder.

At a time when the look produced by a specific sensor is like a specific film, camera reviews can take on a particular significance to prospective buyers.  No better reviews are produced than those by Sean Reid at his website, Reid Reviews.  Although it’s a subscription site. it is well worth the modest yearly fee.  Sean’s commentary is insightful, thoughtful, and geared toward the understanding the the quirks and qualities of a camera’s functions as well as the specific nuances of its output.  Sean, over the past year, has reviewed the Fuji X-Pro 1, Olympus OM-D E-M5, Leica M Monochrom and the various lenses available for these cameras, as well as other intriguing cameras and lenses.  If you are a camera nut, or interested in valuable reviews of important cameras, you should subscribe to his site.

Photokina Fallout

Sony plunked a bomb down on Photokina in the form of the RX1, a full frame 35mm fixed lens camera.  Here are some of the early thoughts on the camera from internet pundits:

Steve Huff has previewed it and added some additional thoughts,

DPReview says this,

From what I can tell, looks like it might be a candidate for our Microfast Universal L-Bracket!

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Best Micro 4/3rds Camera

Olympus’s flagship camera, the OM-D E-M5, has just been tested by DxOMarkIn their report, they rate it up with some top APS-C sensor cameras.  Although sensor technology is never still, this is wonderful news for the Micro 4/3rds community.  Kudos to Olympus!

Sigma’s New DP’s

Sigma is well known for their Foveon sensors, a unique design with many apparent advantages over Bayer sensors (and their variations) used in all other cameras.  Michael Reichmann on his Luminous Landscape site has reviewed both DP1M and DP2M, and his surprising analysis of these remarkable cameras is worth a read.  Are they worth owning?  In the digital era, where variations of sensor characteristics are like variations in film, maybe so.  Maybe both, in fact!