Universal L-Brackets

JTec is driven to produce innovative products that are cost effective for our customers and highly utilitarian. For this reason we have spent a great deal of time working on compact and lightweight universal-fit L-Brackets. Why, in an era of specialization, would we want to do this?

We have found that many of our customers own multiple cameras, and want the benefit of easy tripod mounting but are loath to purchase multiple specialized brackets to match their many cameras.

In addition, the rapid pace of change in digital camera capabilities means that our customers buy newer cameras more often to take advantage of that change. Again, many balk at the need for purchasing a new bracket for that new camera.

So we came up with a unique method of mounting our L-Brackets to the camera: the MicroFast(tm) system. It is designed to allow extremely fine registration, permitting super accurate fitment. In addition, it is very secure. Conversely, it allows us to accommodate a large range of adjustment, which means we can design our brackets and plates to fit a large range of camera sizes.

We have tweaked the Arca Swiss dovetail so that it fits most of the Arca Swiss style clamps on the market.

We have tried to simplify mounting by using screws that can be tightened with a coin, eliminating the need to carry a specialized tool.

On our Mini brackets we mount the dovetail at a 90 degree offset from "normal" in order to allow the part to be very compact without compromising the security of the clamping.

Why should you invest in an L-bracket or camera plate-based quick-release system? Because screwing your camera or lens onto a platform with standard "-20 screw is tedious and insecure. Not only is it a hassle to screw your gear onto that platform, but once installed the camera or lens is free to rotate; there's nothing to prevent it from coming loose. Why invest your money in a tripod and tripod head only to compromise your shots with an insecure connection between camera and head? Instead, use a quality tripod head with a quick release plate. A quick-release system has two parts: a quick-release clamp and a quick-release plate or L-bracket. You always need both pieces of the system. The clamp will stay on your tripod head all the time, and the plate will stay on your camera all the time. You will need to purchase a separate quick-release plate for each camera or collared telephoto lens that you want to mount in the quick-release clamp on your tripod head. Our quick-release plates and L-brackets are based on the Arca-Swiss standard.

Our L-Brackets are made from 6061 aluminum billet and machined to fit snugly against the camera body. The raw aluminum is bead blasted and vibration deburred after machining, cleaned, and then anodized in black to match the camera.

of Sony's NEX-7 Camera

Tripod Mount

What makes this component versatile AND unique?

SONY NEX-7 L-Bracket expands the utility of a camera by allowing the photographer to

1) Mount the camera to an Arca-Swiss style tripod mount

2) Mount the camera to the tripod in two orientations: landscape and portrait

   Designed to mirror the compact dimensions of Sony's brilliant NEX-7, our bracket is no wider than the camera, but still has two Arca-Swiss compatible mounting flanges on the bottom and left side, both centered on the lens. Also, we have removed material from the left side of the bracket so there is complete access to HDMI and MIC ports.

   Our L-bracket for the NEX-7 is made from 6061 aluminum billet and machined to fit snugly against the NEX-7 body. In fact, the design, which includes rubber feet, ensures there is no movement between the L-Bracket and the camera body. Like all our parts, the raw aluminum is bead blasted and tumble deburred after machining, cleaned, and then anodized in black to match the camera.

Importantly ...
   Our bracket can easily be left on the camera as it won't poke into your face while looking through the viewfinder. What could be better? Tripod compatibility and compact enough to leave on and use the camera unmounted!

   The NEX-7 L-Bracket guarantees a secure connection between the camera and a tripod with an Arca- Swiss style mount. Precision design and manufacturing ensure a secure fit to your NEX-7, yet its low profile design mimics the sleek styling of the NEX-7 and allows convenient hand-held use of the camera. The screw that holds the L-Bracket can be tightened or loosened with a coin.


  • Sleek & lightweight, blends seamlessly with the body of your SONY NEX-7
  • Allows tripod mounting in both the landscape and portrait positions, and quick change between those positions
  • Tripod mounting eliminates shake for detailed shots
  • Assists in shooting perfect panoramas using Sony's Sweep Panorama mode
  • Allows for easy access to HDMI and MIC ports and your strap loop

Do YOU want to INSTANTLY improve the performance
AND versatility of your serious compact system camera?

The innovative design of JTec's Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket is SO versatile, it's unlike any other product on the market

What makes this component versatile AND unique?

Our affordable Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket INSTANTLY fits onto many of the world's compact system cameras such as: Panasonic, Pentax, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Leica, SONY and more!

If YOU own different cameras-
JTec's Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket can quickly switch from one brand of camera to another!

Importantly... this precision-machined ... lightweight ... and durable, Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket is guaranteed to enhance your picture-taking experience by:
securer tripod mounting better stability finer image framing

JTec's Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket allows for securer tripod mounting ... eliminating shake for detailed landscapes or architectural shots- producing stunning panoramas.
JTec's Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket fits any Arca-Swiss quick release for an easy change from landscape ... to portrait.

JTec's durable and lightweight Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket mimics your camera's sleek styling AND is designed to ensure there is no movement between the plate and your camera body.

Our Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket allows for the convenience of your neck strap, so you NEVER have to remove it.

Guaranteed to enhance your picture-taking experience: Our precision-machined aluminum Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket, adds little or no weight to your camera.

Like all of JTec's custom camera components, our Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket is uniquely anodized in black to compliment the body color of your camera.

JTec's Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket fastens quickly and easily to the underside of your serious compact camera body. The Microfine Grip on the underside of our Micro-Fast® Universal L-Bracket that ensures a safe AND snug fit. Machined grooves align & allow for a firm bite.
This feature is CRITICAL to holding the L-Bracket firmly against your camera body.

Universal L Bracket



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All components are
designed, manufactured &
machined at JTec's facility

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